Peanuts processing

Crafting Excellence: Nurturing the Finest Peanuts through Impeccable Processing

Raw Material Storage

At Gadag Exports Pvt. Ltd., we prioritize the quality and freshness of our raw materials. Our state-of-the-art storage facility ensures optimal conditions for storing the agricultural products we export. With controlled temperature and humidity, we maintain the integrity of the raw materials, preserving their taste, aroma, and nutritional value. Our spacious storage area allows us to handle large quantities of raw materials while adhering to strict quality control measures. Trust us to provide you with products that are sourced, stored, and handled with utmost care.


Before processing our agricultural products, we employ a thorough pre-cleaning process. This step involves removing any impurities, such as dirt, stones, or foreign matter, from the raw materials. Our advanced cleaning machinery efficiently separates unwanted particles, ensuring that only the highest quality produce moves forward in the production process. By implementing rigorous pre-cleaning measures, we guarantee that our customers receive clean and contaminant-free agricultural products.


As part of our production process, we perform de-shelling of peanuts to remove the outer shell or husk from the raw peanuts. This step is crucial in preparing the peanuts for further processing and packaging. The de-shelling process ensures that only the inner kernel, which is the edible part of the peanut, is used in our agricultural products. By carefully de-shelling the peanuts, we guarantee that our customers receive clean, whole peanuts with their natural flavor and nutritional benefits intact. Our commitment to efficient de-shelling reflects our dedication to delivering top-quality peanut products to our valued customers.


To maintain the purity and quality of our products, we employ a de-stoner machine in our production line. This equipment effectively removes stones, pebbles, and other heavy impurities from the raw materials. By eliminating these unwanted elements, we ensure that our agricultural products meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Our commitment to using advanced de-stoning technology reflects our dedication to delivering superior quality exports to our valued customers.

Gravity Seeds Separator

At Gadag Exports Pvt. Ltd., we utilize a gravity seeds separator to further enhance the quality of our agricultural products. This specialized machine employs the principles of gravity to separate the raw materials from lighter and immature seeds. By carefully controlling the airflow and vibration, we achieve optimal separation, ensuring that only the best quality seeds progress to the next stage of processing. Through the implementation of advanced gravity seeds separation techniques, we uphold our commitment to providing our customers with premium-grade agricultural exports.


Precision sorting is a crucial step in our production process at Gadag Exports Pvt. Ltd. Our advanced sorting machines utilize cutting-edge technology to analyze the color, size, and quality of the agricultural products. By automatically detecting and removing any defective or substandard items, we ensure that only the finest produce is selected for further processing. This meticulous sorting process guarantees that our customers receive agricultural products that meet their exacting standards and expectations.

Uniform Grading

To meet the diverse requirements of our customers, we employ a uniform grading process for our agricultural products. This involves sorting and categorizing the produce into different grades based on specific quality parameters. By maintaining consistent grading standards, we can provide our customers with a range of options that suit their preferences and market demands. Our dedication to uniform grading ensures that every batch of our exports meets the desired quality specifications, giving our customers confidence in the products they receive.

Metal Separation

At Gadag Exports Pvt. Ltd., we prioritize food safety, and that includes ensuring that our agricultural products are free from metal contaminants. To achieve this, we utilize advanced metal separation technology during the production process. This specialized equipment effectively detects and removes any metal particles that may be present in the raw materials. By employing stringent metal separation measures, we guarantee that our exports are safe, reliable, and compliant with international food safety standards.

Pre-Shipment Lab Analysis

To ensure the highest level of quality control, we conduct comprehensive pre-shipment lab analyses on our agricultural products. Our dedicated team of experts performs rigorous testing, including physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis, to verify the quality, safety, and compliance of the produce. This meticulous examination ensures that our customers receive exports that meet the strictest standards of excellence. By prioritizing pre-shipment lab analysis, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering reliable and trusted agricultural products to our customers.

Packaging (Customer-Oriented Packaging)

At Gadag Exports Pvt. Ltd., we understand the importance of packaging in preserving the freshness, quality, and appeal of our agricultural products. Our customer-oriented packaging approach ensures that our exports are carefully packaged to meet the specific requirements and preferences of our clients. We offer a range of packaging options, including various sizes, materials, and branding customization, allowing our customers to showcase our products in their markets effectively. With our meticulous attention to packaging details, we aim to enhance the overall presentation and marketability of our exports.


To maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety, we employ advanced sterilization techniques in our production process. Sterilization is a critical step that eliminates any harmful microorganisms, bacteria, or pathogens that may be present in the agricultural products. By utilizing industry-approved sterilization methods, we ensure that our exports are safe for consumption and meet the stringent food safety regulations of various international markets. Our commitment to sterilization underscores our dedication to delivering superior quality and wholesome agricultural products to our valued customers.

Our products are certified by various organizations like APEDA, Spices Board of India, FSSAI, SPICES BOARD, USDA, EU, ISO and FIEO.